Factory Zibel


Factory for processing inedible side products

Factory Zibel, within the Joint-stock Company AIK Bačka Topola, was built in the course of 1987 and modernised in 1989 as the first of the kind. Namely, it was the biggest and the most up-to-date factory for processing animal waste in the former Yugoslavia at the time. It is still the biggest factory in Serbia, but it started lagging behind in the period between 1991 and 2002 due to the lack of financial resources for its maintenance and modernisation. Animal waste removal issues was more intensively dealt with in 2002, thank to interested expressed by the Government of Vojvodina, its Secretariat for Ecology and Sustainable Grown in the first place, followed by the Government of Serbia, Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, i.e. more precisely Veterinary Department, and eventually by introducing the issue of safe animal waste removal in the Law on Veterinary (Official Gazette 91/2005 of 25 Oct 2005).

Zibel has four technology lines (new blood line) for processing raw materials by structure, all accommodated in one facility. Zibel produces assortment of animal proteins, mineral rations and fats for nutrition of animals. Its main customers are leading fodder production industries, as well as industries food for pets, gelatine production, sops and detergents.

AIK Backa Topola founded, from its very beginning, a research technical department in co-operation with the FACULTY OF TECHNOLOGY, Novi Sad based Institute for Fodder Technology, guiding Zibel towards new developmental directions and even better quality products. It also has a very successful co-operation with the Faculty of Agriculture, Veterinary and Microbiology Department in the town of Novi Sad.