Hydrolysed Feather Meal


Main characteristics

Hydrolysed feather meal is produced by hydrolysing raw feathers breaking physical structure of keratin and its disulphide bonds. In this way proteins from feathers become digestible and its amino acids active. Velocity and extent of protein hydrolyse depend on the content of water in feathers, temperature, applied pressure and heating time.

It belongs to the group of supplement rations since the best results are achieved when it is added to protein rations rich in lysine and methionine. High concentration of cysteine, alanine, valine, proline, glycine and serine are typical for this protein ration. On the other hand, it is deficit in lysine, methionine, histidine and tryptophan. It contains high concentration of Vitamin B group: riboflavin, vitamin B12, folic and pantothenic acids. Energy value of the feather flour depends on fat content, hence the product is of a higher or smaller energy density.

Chemical composition (%)
Moisture 6-7
Crude protein 73-75
Crude fat 8-12
Crude cellulose 0,5-1,5
Mineral substances 2,5-2,4
Digestibility of proteins in vitro 80
Energy values
* For poultry
Metabolic, kcal/kg 3.600-3.200
Amino acids components (%)
Lysine 1,80
Methionine 0,48
Cysteine 3,65
Methionine+cysteine 4,13
Threonine 3,87
Tryptophan 0,43
Arginine 0,43
Glycine 6,55
Serine 8,35
Histidine 0,64
Leucine 6,80
Isoleucine 4,20
Phenylalanine 3,90
Tirosine 2,34
Valine 7,15
Mineral components (%)
Calcium 0,20
Phosphorus 0,75
Sodium 0,70
Potassium 0,30
Chlorine 0,14
Magnesium 0,20
Physical characteristics
Levelling mass, kg/m3 548,80
Levelling angle 49°
1. Ø 4 mm 1,2
2. Ø 1,6 mm 10,2
2. Ø 1,6 mm 10,2
Module of fineness 2,760
Module of uniformity 0:7:3’
Colour: yellowish brown
Smell: typical for feather meal
Purpose of the product
Hydrolysed feather meal  should be added to rations for broilers and fish. The best effects are achieved when combined with soybean, blood, meat and fish meal. It may also be used as organic fertilizer.
Packing and delivery
Hydrolysed feather flour is delivered in bags, 50 kg net, or in jumbo bags.