Technical Fat (TF)


Main characteristics

Technical fat is a high energy value product. It is produced by melting inedible side products of slaughtered swine and poultry. Appropriate technologic procedure (defattening by centrifugation) enables its high digestibility and stability.

Chemical composition (%)
M.I.U ¹ (%) 2
Iodine number 62
MAX FFA ² (%) 15
Fatty acids (%)  
-saturated 32
-unsaturated 68
-linolenic 16
Energy value  
* For poultry  
Metabolic, kcal/kg 7.700
* For swine  
Digestible, kcal/kg 7.900
Metabolic, kcal/kg 7.900
Physical characteristics  
Titar (C°) 30-33
Colour: light yellow  
Smell: typical for the product  
Taste: pleasant  
Purpose of the product  
Technical fat is used as energy supplement when preparing all types of composites. It is suitable for feeding poultry and swine that need a huge quantity of energy and essential fatty acids. It can be used as bio-fuel (e.g. bio-diesel) due to its high energy value.  
Packing and delivery  
Technical fat is delivered unpacked or in 200-litter barrels.  
¹ M.I.U. – moisture, sediment impurity and unsoaped matters

² F.F.A. – free fatty acids