AIK Bačka Topola

AIK Bačka Topola from the town of Bačka Topola was founded on 8 March 1974 as an agricultural industrial food industry organisation...


ŽIBEL Bačka Topola

Factory for processing inedible side products. Factory Žibel, within the Joint-stock Company AIK Bačka Topola, was built in...


Enterprise AIK Njegoševo

Enterprise AIK NJEGOŠEVO, Ltd. is founded as state-run agricultural enterprise in 1960. It deals with primary agricultural production...

Environmental protection

Dead animals and slaughterhouse remains are, as it has already been emphasized, a constant potential danger as possible sources of infectious material and polluters. Spreading of stock...

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The First in Serbia

Unused blood of slaughtered animals presents a huge issue in Vojvodina and is serious water and environmental polluter (takes the oxygen in the water and other living creatures die out...)

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