Blood Meal (BM)


Main characteristics

Blood meal is a highly nutritious product. It is a product of a contemporary process involving processing of blood from slaughtered swine and poultry. Appropriate thermal processing preserves digestibility and nutritious value of the initial raw material. Extremely high concentration of essential amino acid lysine is typical for this protein meal.

Chemical composition (%)
Moisture 10,00
Crude protein 84,00
Crude fat 1,10
Mineral substances 2,5-2,4
Non-nitrogen extractive substances 0,45
Digestibility of proteins in vitro 85
Energy value  
* For poultry  
Metabolic, kcal/kg 3.160
* For swine  
Metabolic, kcal/kg 3.400
Amino acids (%)  
Lysine 7,6-9,0
Methionine 0,93
Methionine+cysteine 1,68
Arginine 3,63
Glycine 3,85
Gliycine+serine 8,80
Histidine 5,18
Leucine 11,58
Isoleucine 0,79
Phenylalanin 4,5
Phenylalanin+Tyrosine 6,97
Valine 7,02
Mineral composition (%)  
Calcium 0,30
Phosphorus 0,25
Sodium 0,32
Potassium 0,10
Chlorine 0,40
Magnesium 0,22
Sulphur 0,40
Iron 2.000 ppm
Copper 9 ppm
Zink 150 ppm
Manganese 6 ppm
Selenium 0,80 ppm
Cobalt 0,1 ppm
Iodine 0,80 ppm
Physical characteristics  
Levelling mass, kg/m3 553
Levelling angle 48°
Module of fineness 2,790
Sieve remains Ø 1,6mm,% 5
Colour: from dark read to black  
Smell: typical for blood meal  
Purpose of the product  
Blood meal is used as a high protein ration component for swine, poultry, fish and pets, as well as organic fertiliser.  
Packing and delivery  
Blood meal is delivered in bags, 50 kg net or in jumbo bags.