Agro-industrial Complex Bačka Topola


Joint-stock Company Agro-industrial Complex Bačka Topola deals with the following activities:

  • Production of arable farming cultures
  • Production of bakery products
  • Safe disposal of animal waste and production of fodder of animal origin
  • Trading

The production programme includes the following range of products:

  • feather meal
  • blood meal
  • meat-bone meal
  • technical fat
  • safe soft tissue removal service
  • safe feather removal service
  • safe bone removal service



The Company employs 83 employees of the following qualification structure:

Qualification Number of employees
Faculty Education 10
College Education 2
High School Education (4 years) 47
High School Education (3 years) 3
No qualifications 21

The presented table shows that high school qualification employees make the majority, while the faculty qualified employees are the minority.

Gender and age structure of the employees with Company AIK Bačka Topola is the following:

Age Gender
Male Female
18-30 4 2
31-40 27 6
41-50 23 10
51-60 8 3
TOTAL 62 21

It is notable that males dominate the gender structure, three times more than females. With regard to the age structure, male gender is more present at every interval and there are no employees older than the age of 61.

(Organisation scheme – Joint-stock Company BT – Shareholders Assembly – Administrative Board – General Manager – General Sector – Finances – Commercial Section – Zibel – Production Manager – Employees – Technical Maintenance – Dispatcher and Drivers – Bakery – Production Manager – Employees)

Organisational aptness of investors is an extremely important segment of creditworthiness the company is not able to enter the market without. There are three types of organisational structures: functional, matrix and project.

The presented scheme shows that the Shareholders Assembly elects the Administrative Board, which further on appoints General Manager. It is important to note that the Factory for Animal Waste Removal Zibel and Bakery Topolina exist within the Company, besides administrative and general functions.